We can all agree that every time we accidentally hit a pothole we say "ouch that one hurt." It just feels like you are driving on a flat tire after hitting all of these potholes in New Jersey.

According to NJ.com, there is a Monmouth University student that wants everyone to experience the Garden State roads full of potholes but it will not require you to go out for a drive. We learned that James is the New Jersey resident that is recreating "every jug-handle and pothole between Cape May and Jersey City."

How funny is that? Imagine playing Minecraft and driving over the same exact pothole that has given you multiple flat tires and cost you a good amount of money. That would be a little frustrating even while playing the video game.

We learned from NJ.com that James Brodowski and his team began the recreation of New Jersey jug handles and potholes right before the pandemic started. James Brodowoski told NJ.com, “New Jersey feels very unique in terms of architecture and road layout. It’s pretty cool to see that represented in a video game."

NJ.com also made it known that there are over a thousand Minecraft players that came together to recreate the state of New Jersey on Minecraft.

Just think about all of the work and time that all of those team members had to put in just to recreate every jug handle and pothole from Cape May all the way to Jersey City. That is a ton of potholes. We can probably hit 30 potholes just within a mile drive.

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