I've noticed that when I go to Krispy Kreme, there are a few varieties of doughnuts that are pretty much always available --- Chocolate Iced, Raspberry Filled, Chocolate Iced Custard, and of course. the Original Glazed.

Most of the time, I've found Cake Batter, Lemon Filled, and Glazed Sour Cream. And there are a few varieties listed on KrispyKreme.com that I have never seen. Those flavors include Apple Fritter, Cinnamon Apple Filled, Chocolate Iced Glazed Cruller, and Dulche de Leche.

Now, I just read a post on thrillist.com that says there's a new variety of Krispy Kreme doughnut that will only be available at one location.

According to thrillist.com, when Krispy Kreme opens its new store in Times Square in the middle of New York City, it will offer a one-of-a-kind Big Apple doughnut.

Thrillist.com says Krispy Kreme's Big Apple Doughnut is filled with red Kreme filling and topped with "red-colored Candied Green Apple icing." The doughnut is topped off with an iced green leaf and a pretzel stem and will even come in its own special green box. Here's the kicker, the doughnut will cost $10.99.

Krispy Kreme's Time Square location is scheduled to open on Sept. 15 and in addition to the Big Apple Doughnut, this location will have a few other things other stores don't have. According to Krispy Kreme, there will be the world’s largest Hot Light, doughnut-making theater, and exclusive New York City and Times Square merchandise.

The Times Square Krispy Kreme will be located at 1601 Broadway (at West 48th Street).

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