6abc reportsThe Head & The Hand bookstore in Philadelphia has come up with a way to make some money during the pandemic by giving people some privacy. The owner has seen a lot less people come into the bookstore during the pandemic and since she saw that people weren't very comfortable dining in restaurants with a lot of people around, she thought it would be an awesome idea to have private date nights in the bookstore. It's $65 and you get the bookstore all to yourself for 90 minutes. You can bring some wine, or coffee or whatever drink you prefer, and you can also bring your own food. I'm sure there are plenty of places to eat that you can get food to go and bring it on over to The Head & The Hand bookstore to enjoy. Plus, it's indoors, so it's nice and warm. It could be for a first date, an anniversary or just a  monthly date night for you and your honey. You can even print out a short story to read while you're dining or take it with you. More details on what's included in their private date and how to book it are on their website.

My husband and I have been looking for new date night ideas and ones that are COVID-19 safe. I still get nervous being around other people I don't know. I don't know where they've been or who they've been in contact with, so I have no0t been that comfortable doing many things that most people have started doing again. I have NOT been a bar since before the pandemic and I see people doing this every night. To each their own, I know everyone has different comfort levels in this pandemic, but I didn't like when people stood too close to me before the pandemic, so being in a crowded bar would give me full on anxiety. I am okay with outdoor dining and we're actually going somewhere that has a ton of outdoor heaters that will keep us warm. I think I would definitely be open to renting out a space for a private dinner, provided this place has an air filtration system and they clean in between each couple. This might be cool.

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