Are you the kind of person who loves getting greeting cards? I totally am. I think it is so sweet when someone thinks of you and picks out a greeting card just for you. The card doesn't even have to have anything inside. I think it's the thought that counts. Well, imagine you're a child and you're stuck in a hospital for holidays, especially Valentine's Day. I'm sure it's pretty sad, so I was so excited when I saw this circulating around Facebook. You can send a child at St, Jude a Valentine's Day card, absolutely free.

It's seriously the easiest thing you'll do today. Just start by clicking here, then you choose which card you'd like to send. You write one or two sentences, sign it and BOOM. A wonderful child, who may need some cheering up gets a card for Valentine's Day. I have sent three already and I am so happy that maybe I will make a child smile on Valentine's Day.

St. Jude Children's Hospital opened in 1962 in Memphis Tennessee and since then has treated thousands of children for cancer and other childhood diseases. When Danny Thomas opened the facility, fundraised to get the hospital going and today, those fundraising efforts are still alive and families do not pay for anything at St. Jude's. They don't pay for their child's treatments, or even travel expenses. These are all paid for by donors who generously give their money for these wonderful children who are sometimes fighting for their lives. St. Jude is a wonderful hospital and they have expanded and are now affiliated with many children's hospitals in many different cities.

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