This "contest" has been so much fun. Let me just say that ALL of the area food trucks deserve so much love.  They're working so hard to help you have a little fun during this pandemic. I've loved seeing people tailgating around them (socially distanced, of course). I've noticed couples sitting in trunks of cars and beds of trucks, having a picnic with their food truck food. It's just fun at a time when a lot of our fun (concerts, street fairs, festivals) have been canceled.

So, first, I asked for your nominations, and we got a TON of them, thank you so much. Then, I took the 10 with the most nominations and asked you to vote. Wow, there were thousands of all love your food trucks. I get it, I do too. I've made a list of all the nominated food trucks and added them to my fall to-do list. My hubby and I are going on a food truck Thanks for the suggestions.

I want to give a shout-out to all of the area food trucks on our PST listener nominated Top 10 List: Cousins Maine Lobster, D&D Catering Food Truck, Twisted Steaks, Beach Shack Food Truck, Wanna Pizza This?, Patties Franks, Hotpanada, House of Cupcakes, The Flying Crêpeze from Jammin' Crepes, and Doggie Sweets. I've been to many of these, and they are all worthy of the final round.

But, there can only be one winner of the Area's Favorite Food Truck........and, the winner is........drum roll, please..........


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