The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we operate our daily lives. We have to wash and sanitize our hands every other second, we have to make sure we cover our face when we go out in public and keep our distance from others. I'm okay with all of these, whatever keeps me and my family safe. I know there is a lot of controversy about having to wear masks in public and outdoors, but in my opinion everyone should be wearing them. Studies have proven that when we wear masks and social distance, we are helping stop the spread of coronavirus. I know some people think you don't need to wear a mask, I get it, but in my opinion, when you leave your house and go anywhere in public you need to wear one. Now, a major coffee cafe is now going to be requiring you wear one inside their cafes.

Delish says, Starbucks just announced that beginning on July 15th, they will be requiring all their customers to wear masks to be worn inside their cafes at all times.

Some states are not requiring people to wear masks when they leave their houses. Tf you live in one of those states, or maybe you forgot your mask at home, but need your Starbucks, there are other options for you to get your coffee fix. Most locations have drive thrus, you can place an order for curbside pick up through their app or you can even get Starbucks delivered through Starbucks Delivers.

For more info, visit this article from Delish.

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