CNN reports, that the Salvation Army has already begun their holiday donation fundraising. This is the earliest they've ever started it and there's a good reason for it. Usually, you see volunteers dressed in their red aprons ringing their bells in front of various stores, trying to get donations usually around Thanksgiving. This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are in need now more than ever. They've lost their jobs and they are in need of food and clothing for their families. So because of these reasons, the Salvation Army has decided to begin collecting money for those in need a lot earlier than usual. Another reason why they've begun so early, is because of the coronavirus pandemic, there will a lot less volunteers out collecting donations, so the Salvation Army is accepting donations online. Rescue Christmas is what they are calling their campaign this year and hopefully with this jumpstart on this fundraiser, the Salvation Army will collect more money since the coronavirus pandemic has really crippled some Americans.

For more info, check out this article from CNN, or the Salvation Army's website.

Whenever I see the Salvation Army Bell Ringers and I have some extra change, I always try to drop it into their little red bucket. Every little bit helps, plus the volunteers are usually very nice and they stand outside in the cold trying to collect money for those less fortunate than them. It's kinda nice that the donations are going online this year, since a lot of people don't carry around that much cash. I know I try to pay with Apple Pay wherever I can. Fingers crossed donations for the Salvation Army come pouring in.

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