Costco Wholesale is underrated in every way. Well, maybe not underrated since there's always insanely long lines at Costco.

After all, it's a suburban mom's best friend.

Most importantly, it's home to FREE samples and cheap lunch options from its food court, because who doesn't get hungry while food shopping?

Take it from an elite Costco member, here is the right way to tackle the superstore:

|Find Your Food Calling| 

Look inward to find what Costco food item speaks to you.

Find something you can't go without. Chances are you probably already have something in mind.

For me, I can't go without Lara Cashew & Almond Butter with Chocolate Coconut.

It's like Nutella, with less guilt:

|Latest Fashion|

You'll want to check out discounted fashion items at Costco. Kirkland is somewhere between Walmart & Gucci.

Kirkland Boxer Briefs make me feel like I am wearing pajamas under my pants every day.

Too much info?  Or a life-changing recommendation? You chose.


Costco usually has the cheapest gas in town. The only catch is it's Credit/Debit card only.

By the way, don't have a membership? Here's an insider tip: you don't need to even be a member to visit their gas stations. Check out the price of Costco gas in your area.

Costco also has THE nicest gas attendants... like this nice guy:

|Food Court|

The food court at Costco is one of my favorite places for a cheap lunch option. Some of my favorite featured items are their:

- $1.50-foot long hot dog with a soda

- $4 hot turkey and provolone sandwich

- $2 Pepperoni Pizza Slice

- $2.79 Italian Sausage Sandwich.

My coworkers have made fun of me going to Costco for lunch, but I work in radio... it's the best I can do.

Maybe I should take my next date there? Is that OK?

|Free Samples| 

I saved the best for last, the free samples.

Life Hack: pretend like you need to get a sample for you and your "friend" or your "mom" and enjoy two of everything for yourself.

From pulled pork sliders to chicken fried rice and macaroni and cheese, Costco keeps it exciting with their samples.

Here's live footage of me in a Costco when they are out of samples:

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