Happy 4/21, New Jersey!!

Starting today, recreational weed is finally legal in New Jersey, and as you probably guessed, folks didn't waste any time getting their hands on that sweet Mary J. The lines were packed today at the 13 dispensaries that are selling it.

Personally, when I heard that today would be the day adult-use weed would be legal in Jersey, I made absolutely zero plans to head out to any of them on the first day.

This is exactly why!

Here is the line outside of the Apothecarium dispensary in Phillipsburg. As you can see, lines were wrapped around the dividers outside.

This is at one of the Curaleaf locations in Bellmawr. The Curaleaf in Edgewater Park  did not open today as planned. According to this tweet from Wakisha Bailey of CBS Philly, lines started at 2 am!!! That means people were waiting in line for 6-7 hours before they even opened their doors!

This is from The Apothecary Dispensary in Maplewood.

Check out this video from NJ.com! It's still dark outside, and already the lines are packed!

I've never been a "first-day" kind of gal. You'll never find me camping out for something and waiting for hours in line, unless I'm at Disney World. As someone who hates waiting around outside in long lines, it's a no for me!

But more power to you if you braved the lines today! I sure hope these people got what they wanted after waiting in line for so long. As for me, I'll give it a few weeks for some of the excitement to die down!

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