You may have noticed that Zio Gio in Levittown has abruptly closed, and sadly, it's true.

It's always sad to hear about a business closing for whatever reason. We always hear about different reasons why local restaurants shut down and if it's a favorite local spot, patrons can be as devastated as the owners.

Zio Gio in Levittown has been open since 2014. I've never been, but their website describes the restaurant as a "South Philly Style Italian Food." Just this weekend, they posted a message to their patrons on their Facebook page and that they would be closing the following day. Tons of people commented stating how they will miss Zio Gio.

As their Facebook post says, the owners do not know what their next move will be. Hopefully, they will keep their loyal and returning patrons updated if they will open up a new location somewhere else. I think local patrons will also be on the lookout for what will replace the Italian restaurant in Levittown and will it be up to their liking?

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