Wow. (I say, as I write this blog in complete jealousy ...)

The Jersey Cash 5 lottery was at it's highest jackpot this year, worth $1.4 million.

The number drawing took place Tuesday night and there was a winner and that winner seriously banked. This was only one of two Jersey Cash 5 jackpots to hit over one million dollars.

What hurts the most about this is that the winning ticket was sold at such an accessible location ... at a Wawa right in Middlesex County on Route 33 in Monroe NJ. That Wawa also gets a $2K bonus check for selling the ticket. Yep Wawa is out here winning more then we are.

The ticket matched all five numbers: 13272933 and 41. 

What makes me feel a little better about this is that the odds of actually winning are 962,598 to 1. Little crazy when you read that out loud. Well there's always the Mega Millions and Powerball.

The Jersey Cash 5 jackpot will reset to $75K next week for Wednesdays drawing.

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