There are so many great things about living in Mercer County.  There's the fact that we are right in the middle of two amazing, huge cities with so many entertainment options. but that we also can hang out in some amazing small towns like Princeton and New Hope.  There's also so many great schools and hospitals in the area.  And everyone loves that we're just a short drive from the shore and a short drive from the mountains.

Whether you've lived in Mercer County for a short time or for your entire life, you may or may not be aware of these 10 random facts about the area.  See how many you know!

1. There's a Quakerbridge Road and a Quaker Bridge Mall, but not an actual "Quaker Bridge" in Mercer County, NJ.  Ironically, there is a Quaker Bridge in Mercer County, PA.

2. Trenton and Princeton were both briefly the capital of the United States.

NJ state capitol
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3. Most people think Trenton is the most populated municipality in Mercer County, but it's actually Hamilton.

4. According to, Jon Stewart is the most famous person from Mercer County.  (He grew up in Lawrenceville).

5. Prior to being an affiliate of the New York Yankees, the Trenton Thunder were actually affiliated with the Yankees' rival Boston Red Sox.

6. The official name of the "Trenton Makes" Bridge is actually the Lower Trenton Bridge. (According to, the Trenton Makes, The World Takes slogan "was adopted by the Trenton Chamber of Commerce in 1910 to represent Trenton's leading position in the manufacturing of a multitude of goods, most notably steel, rubber, wire rope, linoleum, and ceramics."

Calhoun Street Bridge
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7. Mercer County Park is so large that it actually resides in 2 townships --- Hamilton and West Windsor.

8. The Cure Insurance Arena in Trenton was originally called the Sovereign Bank Arena and then, the Sun National Bank Center.

9. TCNJ (The College of New Jersey) in Ewing used to be called Trenton State College.  And Princeton University used to be called The College of New Jersey.


10. 94.5 PST used to be 97.5 PST.  (In 2005, WPST moved from 97.5 FM to 94.5 FM).

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