There are so many benefits to driving an electric car these days however, there is one huge deficit as well: not enough charging stations. Well, Mercer County residents fear not, revealed that Mercer County received an $88,000 grant to install charging stations at 11 locations across the county.

Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes says that the grant came from the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection’s Pay$ to Plug In Program. According to, Hughes says, “studies show that range anxiety, the fear that the car will somehow run out of power, is a fear that keeps consumers from investing in electric vehicles, and our goal is to expand the opportunities to charge a vehicle and further educate consumers on the environmental benefits of gasoline alternatives.”

The state of New Jersey’s transportation sector, according to, is the state’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. By installing these charging stations, Mercer County is going to be able to help slow climate change and reduce air pollution, says. reveals that the Mercer County Planning Department has laid out the potential locations of the charging stations including two locations in Trenton, three locations in Ewing, one location in Hopewell, three locations in West Windsor, and one location each in Pennington and Hamilton.

1. Mercer County Administration Building, 640 South Broad St., Trenton

2. Mercer Office Park, 1440 Parkside Ave, Ewing

3. Hopewell Valley Golf Course, 114 Pennington-Hopewell Road, Hopewell

4. Mercer County Improvement Authority, 80 Hamilton Ave., Trenton

5. Mercer County Boathouse, 334 South Post Road, West Windsor

6. Mercer Oaks Golf Course, 725 Village Road West, West Windsor

7. Mountain View Golf Course, 850 Bear Tavern Road, Ewing

8. Princeton Country Club, Wheeler Way, West Windsor

9. Mercer Meadows (Hunt House), 197 Blackwell Road, Pennington

10. Mercer County Technical Schools Assunpink Center, 1085 Old Trenton Road, Hamilton

11. Mercer County Technical Schools Sypek Center, 129 Bull Run Road, Ewing



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