I am an emotional person, always have been, but now that I am 8 months pregnant, I cry even more at every video I see online. Especially homecoming videos. No, I'm not talking about a high school or college homecoming football game, I'm talking about the ones where members of the military come home and surprise their loved ones.

According to CBS Philly, an 11 year old boy named Mark DiTizio is from Deptford New Jersey and he got a huge surprise the other day, when he got exactly what he's been asking for this Christmas. His brother surprised him while he was singing with his class at a senior center after he told everyone what he wanted most for Christmas. He's been telling his parents that all he wants for Christmas is to just see his brother Eric come home from where he is stationed in the military. Mark got his wish and when he sees his brother, your heart will melt.

Watch the heartwarming video of their reunion below.

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