New Jersey is one of the most controversial states in the entire country and an interesting one at that! Our very own state is one of those love or hate kinds of topics.

You meet people from the area who absolutely love New Jersey and never want to leave. Then, there are plenty of others that just can’t stand the topic of all things New Jersey.

The garden state is one of those topics that is like defending a younger sibling. All New Jerseyans will always have something to say about the state itself, but when someone else wants to talk bad about NJ, we’ll defend it until the end.

Even though I’ve grown up in New Jersey my entire life, there are still a ton of fun facts about my home state that I didn’t even know about! So much history lives on throughout our state, and it’s really cool to learn a bunch of new things about the state we call home!


We all know there’s a ton of history and lots of historical facts and events that have happened in parts of the state like Asbury Park, Princeton, and Atlantic City, but what other fun facts about the Garden State are out there?

I did a little research and found a few great fun facts that you can use on your next date or at the bar with your friends.

Here are some fun facts about New Jersey that you may not have ever heard of before.

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