just published a list of the 30 most charming beach towns in the U.S. and 2 of those towns are right here in New Jersey.

The first Jersey Shore town mentioned by is Asbury Park. says the Monmouth County town has "managed to pull off the phoenix from the flames trick more than once." It describes how Asbury Park was a mecca for music in the 1970s when artists like Bruce Springsteen were getting there start there.

Google Maps gives Asbury Park props for retaining "the traditional charm of the 1930s Jersey Shore," as well as being LGBTQ+-friendly.

I remember it was not that long ago when people avoided Asbury Park and called it "seedy," "unsafe," and "run down." I also remember visiting the town about 5 years ago and being amazed at how beautiful and revitalized it had become.

The trendy shops and restaurants and renovated homes and hotels definitely make a deserving choice for's list.

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The second Jersey Shore town on's 30 most charming beach towns in the U.S. is an obvious, but also a well-deserving choice. Of course, it's Cape May.

One trip to this seaside town on the southern tip of New Jersey and you'll be hooked. says homes along Beach Avenue are "some of the quaintest buildings in the state." (By the way, that's an understatement).

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As you explore the town's Victorian-era bed and breakfast inns and visit the small outdoor Washington Street Mall, you'll feel like you've taken a step back in time. Cape May even has horse-drawn carriages strolling its streets.

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