If you're watching Wheel of Fortune tonight, you may see two of your neighbors. Yeah, that's right: Tara Laffey and Meghan Berkis (of Bucks County) are contestants on tonight's episode.

Tara is from Newtown and Meghan is from Langhorne. They will be competing against two other pairs on the show, which is running a "Girlfriend Getaways" week special.

The pair, who met in high school, say they have been friends for 29 years, according to a report from Patch.com. 

The pair auditioned for the show by submitting a video to WheelofFortune.com, they told BucksLocalNews.com.

Want to see how they do? You can watch the show tonight (February 27) at 7:30 pm on ABC 6 (WPVI).

We're rooting for you girls! Wouldn't it be awesome to see local friends win big?

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