Ugh, have you heard? Gas prices are going up in New Jersey once again because of an increased gas tax. Yeah, that means that the tax increases by 4.3 cents on each gallon of gasoline sold in New Jersey.

You can read the details about the new tax on our website, but I'm focused on how this affects me.

This is crazy, we have some of the highest gas prices in the country. I can think of many others ways I'd rather spend my money this fall, can't you?

So I made a list of the places I'd rather spend that extra money:

1. More Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte Lotion -  Darn it! I can't get my pumpkin scented favorites at Bath & Body Works because I have to fill up my tank.

My rough hands are mad... really mad, NJ!

2. The new Michael Kors coat that I was eyeing at Lord & Taylor. Blah. It'll have to wait. I hope you're happy NJ. I'm going to be these 70 degrees fall temps.

3. Lunch for Dave - We made a bet. I lost. I owe him lunch. Sorry, Dave, I can't afford it now. I wish I could, but I have to get gas. Poor Dave's going to starve.

4. Homegoods -  I'm always in there looking for cool, decorative things for my home. My addiction is real. Nope. That's going to have to slow down. My favorite store associates can thank NJ for putting a halt on our weekly visits. Not fair. They'll miss me.

5. My Halloween Costume - Halloween's not one of my favorite holidays. My hubby, John, loves it. One of his fantasies is that I get one of those skimpy, sexy Halloween costumes. But, you know, we can't afford it now. We need gas.

So sorry, honey, so sorry, maybe next year.


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