Welcome to my photo gallery of 50 South Jersey restaurants and bars that only take cash.

When I asked listeners about places that only took cash, one day, I figured we would get only a few. I was wrong. Despite a decades-long trend—from cash to credit and debit cards to digital wallet services, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Wallet—cash is still king at some local South Jersey haunts.

When the list of places continued to grow, I decided to group them together in a photo gallery.

Why Do Some South Jersey Food & Drinking Places Only Take Cash?

Cash-only businesses simplify the payment process, which brings lots of advantages for business owners. There are no credit card fees, no credit card fraud or chargebacks, and no credit card transactions or waiting for them to process.

Is There Another Good Reason for Only Taking Cash?

Because they can. It’s a great way to have an income stream upfront. If a place can consistently fill seats with customers paying cash, then the owner might not see any reason to use plastic.

Most of these cash-only places have ATMs on site. Instead of paying credit card fees, which these days are more often passed back to the customer anyway, the business makes a percentage of the ATM fees.

Are There Drawbacks to Not Accepting Credit Cards?

Yes, there are. Theft, slower service times, lower check amounts (people tend to spend more when they use credit cards), and a feeling of inconvenience for the customer. These days, most people's first choice when it comes to paying a bill is not cash-only.

Let's Celebrate the Cash-Only Eateries and Drinkeries!

For our purposes in this gallery, I propose we put all the negativity aside and celebrate the individual spirit of these establishments that have decided they will only accept cash, currency...the mean American green!

Take a look at 50 South Jersey restaurants and bars that only take cash.

50 South Jersey Restaurants & Bars That Only Take Cash

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