When the gang is hungry but no one feels like cooking, it's time to order takeout food! But, from where?

15 Excellent South Jersey Takeout Food Places You Must Try

Here are 15 South Jersey restaurants our listeners recommended for having exceptional takeout food.

Where Are These Restaurants?

They are scattered around Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and lower Ocean counties. Not all of these fine restaurants are going to be close to you, but some of them should be.

Do These Restaurants Also Serve Eat-In Food?

Most are eat-in or take out and some also offer delivery. Some excellent restaurants do not offer takeout food and some restaurants really do an outstanding job with takeout food. Those were the establishments we were looking for.

Why Didn't Our favorite Takeout Food Place Make This List?

There are many wonderful restaurants spread around South Jersey. We admittedly have not tried them all. We counted on listeners' recommendations for the restaurants listed. Several of them were suggested multiple times. That usually shows people enjoy a particular eatery.

We undoubtedly haven't included all the great takeout places in South Jersey on our first try at this. Just 15 of them.

Leave your suggestion in the comments, and we will consider the restaurant the next time. Bon appetite!

15 Excellent South Jersey Takeout Food Places You Must Try

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