I pray to the lottery gods that I win a minimum of a million dollars one day to just live debt-free and just chill for a little. I am not asking for a lot or am I?

My luck has not gotten here yet but I am sure it is coming.

It was stated on Bucks County Courier Times that 5 different people had a winning ticket for $516 million Mega Millions. The cool part is that the 7-Eleven on 2760 Trenton Road was one of the stores that sold a Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket.

This drawing did happen over a month ago, on May 21 to be specific, but the interesting thing is that this is the first time in Pennsylvania history that 5 different people win from Quick Pick tickets.

According to Bucks County Courier Times, some of the winners said that the big win is "life-changing generational money." Without a doubt it is. That amount of money can have you start a business real quick and perhaps live a vacation type of lifestyle.

You know once you get rich so many people will start saying that they know you and will somehow try to get some free money from you. With that being said, would you want to stay anonymous?

We learned from Bucks County Courier Times that the winner from Levittown has decided to stay anonymous to try and keep a normal lifestyle. That is a way to stay pretty humble if you ask me. The only personal information shared by the winner is that they are from eastern Pennsylvania.


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