6 ABC weather guy Adam Joseph has shared a video on social media about the battle his family has undergone recently with Covid-19.

Joseph has been off from his job with Action News for the last nine days.

In the eight-minute video on Facebook, Joseph tells of allowing an unvaccinated family member, who had tested negative for COVID-19, to come stay with his family. Joseph says that he and his husband carl are both vaccinated for COVID-19. Their two  children, a five and six-year boy and girl are too young to be vaccinated.

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Shortly after the family member arrived, the person became openly sick with COVID-19, and has been quarantining at Joseph's house since.

Soon, both of Joseph's children became sick with COVID symptoms. Then the woman who works as the couples' in-home child care worker also become sick with COVID-19.

Joseph says that the children have mostly recovered from their symptoms, but that the family member and the child care worker remain very sick.

In the video, Joseph admits to feeling guilty about allowing someone who was not vaccinated into his home where they then spread the sickness to his children and their nanny.

He warns people watching the video about bringing unvaccinated people into their home, regardless of their COVID test status.

Adam Joseph has been a meteorologist with Channel 6, Action News since 2005.

Joseph says that he is scheduled to return to doing weather reports on 6ABC this week, but will do them from his home studio until the COVID situation in his home subsides.

Watch Adam Joseph's video...

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