Sixers fan this is for you. The NBA team held their Crossover event at Center City's Fitler Club tonight and finally unveiled their new 2019-20 City Edition uniforms. Philadelphia Sixers president Chris Heck gave fans a first look through his personal Twitter account.

The release and the first look at this new jersey had been highly anticipated. And what better place to showcase it than at the team's 76ers Crossover event. The goal of this first of its kind event was to celebrate the collaboration between the Sixers organization, artists from Philadelphia and around the world, and even some of the Sixers' players.

The unveiling of the team's latest Classic Edition uniforms, took place earlier this year while the Sixers were in off season. It was said to be a cool, unique, retro twist with a little bit of 1970s style. An official statement about the release of this new City Edition uniform is expected to happen tomorrow.

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