What I learned today is that if a person wants to thrive and be happy in life, they shouldn't move to New Jersey.

It's The Vibe just released a list of the 40 most miserable states in America. I kept scrolling hoping the number of New Jersey cities showing up on the list would end, but it didn't. New Jersey ended up claiming 9 out of the 40 spots on that list. Both New Jersey and California were the only two states that had so many of their cities make the list.

According to It's The Vibe, this list was based on data collected by the US. census. Factors that go into making a city top tier miserable include crime rates, how long everyday commutes are, and the amount of money the average household makes.

The New Jersey Cities that are miserable to live in are Plainfield, New Jersey at #40, West New York, New jersey at #39, Paterson, New Jersey at #28, Trenton, New Jersey at #26, Union City, New Jersey at #23, New Brunswick, New Jersey at #11, Camden, New Jersey at #8, Newark, New Jersey at #5 and Passaic, New Jersey at #4.

This is a tough pill to swallow considering everyone from New Jersey loves the Garden State and will defend its honor to the death. But no matter how we personally feel about our state, the facts still remain the same. Statistically we aren't very appealing.

According to It's The Vibe, some of the main reasons New Jersey cities are considered to be miserable are the poverty rates, lack of cleanliness, the amount of violence and substance abuse. Passaic made it so high on the list mainly because they have been dealing with issues of lead poisoning in the water.

Apparently New Jersey has had this nasty reputation for a while now. A list that came out back in 2019 had 9 New Jersey cities on it as well, according to ABC7.

But no matter what, New Jersey is still the best state ever...or at least that's what someone from New jersey would say..


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