According to, a murder that happened 30 years ago in Princeton, NJ, remains unsolved, but that does not mean that the case is cold.

On April 2, 1989, 74-year-old Emily “Cissy” Stuart was murdered at her home on Mercer Street in Princeton.  Stuart was stabbed 5 times and left for dead in the cellar of her home.

The home where Emily “Cissy” Stuart was murdered in 1989 sits on this street in Princeton, NJ. Credit: Google says that police believe 2 male suspects committed the crime.  The unnamed suspects were teens and students at Princeton University at the time of the crime and while police seem confident that the pair are guilty, they have not been able to get enough evidence to press charges.  (Note: The website does say that it's parent company, NJ Advance Media, "knows the suspect’s names and backgrounds, but is not publishing them because they’re not charged with any crimes.")

Even though the crime is 30 year old, authorities say they have never stopped looking for evidence.  In fact, Princeton Police Chief Nick Sutter told that the case has been given to "a fresh set of eyes,"  by being assigned to Princeton Detective Darwin “Bill” Kieffer.  Sutter hopes that "Kieffer will give the case new an attempt to finally bring charges."

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