Were you driving on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia recently and wondering to yourself, "what is that tower filled with cars?" The huge tower wasn't there a short while ago, so I did some research. It turn's out that Carvana, an online auto dealership, is building a car vending machine! What's better than a vending machine that lets you buy snacks? One that let's you purchase a car!

So if you are tired of annoying salesmen at a traditional auto dealership, using Carvana to buy your next car may be a great solution for you. Customers can shop vehicles on the Carvana website. Carvana cuts out the middle man, which actually helps vehicles become more affordable for consumers.

After the car is vended, the buyer is able to test drive the vehicle for up to 7 days. If the car is not up to their standards, they can test drive up to two other vehicles before making their decision.

If I didn't just purchase my car, I would totally check this out. Definitely less of a hassle and it seems like a super fun way to car shop. Plus, I try to talk to people as little as possible. I even order food online whenever I can so I don't have to talk to anyone in person. This is a game changer.

CBS Philly has reached out to a spokesperson for Carvana, but they did not disclose when the Fishtown, Philladelphia location would be open for business. We will keep you updated.



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