Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede has plans to make Hamilton an entertainment district with not one, but three new entertainment centers. It sounds like at least one of those center will include a go-kart track.

In fact, Community News reported that the proposed go-kart track could be built in town before the year is through. The hope, by the way, is to have all three family entertainment centers up and running by the end of 2019, according to their report.

Mayor Yaede's wants to keep Hamiltonians happy, and she wants them to stay in Hamilton. Why travel to another town's Chuck E. Cheese or go to iPlay America in Freehold when hopefully there will be similar options closer to home, right? It makes sense.

The other two entertainment centers have not been officially announced, but news broke last fall about one of the centers, All Play USA. As we originally reported a few months ago, Play USA will have a ton of great options. The plans include interactive golf driving range, turf fields for all kinds of different sports, high tech bowling, a trampoline park, indoor climbing wall courses, and more.

They'll even have a bar area to get food and drinks.

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