This mom of three helped prevent a tragedy in Kentucky from her home in New Jersey.

Meet Koeberle Bull (the mother of three) from Lumberton.

Last week, some very threatening Facebook messages came to her children from a man in Kentucky and she reported him. She worked tirelessly to contact authorities, and she was ultimately put in touch with Kentucky State Trooper Josh Saterlee.

Trooper Saterlee, who is a father himself, took initiative to investigate the sender of the hateful messages, Dylan Jarrell. When Police went to Dylan's home, he was just about to leave and go to a school where they fear he could have carried out a violent act.
The police say he was in possession of a firearm and many rounds of ammunition. Police say their investigation found him to be delusional.

Koeberle thought she was just reporting threatening Facebook messages, and standing up for her children, but she may have saved countless innocent lives hundreds of miles away in Kentucky.

She's a hero, so Ellen DeGeneres rewarded the local mother for her efforts:

Watch the video below & see what Ellen has in store for Koeberle and her family.

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