We finally have some good news. More Wawa stores could be selling alcohol by 2021.

The Wawa store in Horsham (Montgomery County), PA just applied for a liquor license, according to a report from the Philadelphia Business Journal. The store is located at 1139 Horsham Road in Horsham, Montgomery County.

Wawa’s spokesperson Lori Bruce told the Philadelphia Business Journal that the company is “going through the process for some licenses,” but didn’t share many details at this point. However, she says that they are likely not to be set until 2021.

The application for the Horsham liquor license is currently “pending,” the Business Journal reported on Monday. The store’s manager speculated that the plan would include the selling of both beer and wine. The “original plan” was for the store to begin those offerings last week, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed some of those plans for the stores to remodel, the store's manager told the publication.

The Horsham location won’t mark the chain’s first liquor licenses. They currently own two liquor licenses in Delaware County. The Philadelphia Business Journal has more details here.

Plus, they have pending applications for liquor licenses at the Wawa at 9101 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia and a store in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

Earlier this month we learned that Wawa plans on rolling out curbside ordering. It’s actually being tested at two stores in our area. They are the Ewing Wawa ( Parkway Avenue and Sylvia Street) and the Wawa is Center Square (Montgomery County), PA.

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