Can't wait for sweater and Uggs weather, but, don't want summer to go just yet? Well, I've got the perfect boots (or whatever these are) for you. Have you seen these yet?

Dick's Sporting Goods is selling these online...they're opened toed Bearpaw boots (very similar to Uggs). Interesting concept. I hate seeing summer go, but, I love fall. These are the best compromise, though? Maybe. For real, I'm a little confused as to why we need these, but, my late-summer pedicure is still good, so, these would be perfect for still showing it off when the temperature starts to drop. Lol.

Maybe these are for those people who wear shorts all year long, even when there's snow on the ground. I could see this. You know who I'm talking about. I know a few people like this. My one friend used to be outside shoveling snow in shorts. Lol. I'm not kidding.

I'm slightly making fun of them, but, I could actually benefit from these opened toed beauties. The rest of my Morning Crew (Dave, Tiffany, and Joe) knows that I have a problem with putting holes in every pair of Uggs I've ever owned. It's the weirdest thing, and very frustrating because Uggs are expensive. My big toe, on my right foot, pops a whole through every pair of my Uggs. Strange, right? I guess they're too small, but, they don't feel too small, and the next size up is too big (I've tried, in an attempt to combat this toe-popping problem). Therefore, these boots are just the ones for me. They look comfortable.

I may take the plunge and try them. I'm sure to get some looks. They're definitely different. Maybe I'll start a new trend. C'mon, jump onboard with me.

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