This one is for all the chicken sandwich fans like me out there. A new chicken restaurant is coming to New Jersey soon and it looks so good that I need to hunt it down.

The place is called Hot Chikn Kitchn and it sounds like it’s totally about to be Chick Fil A 2.0. I saw some pictures online of their chicken online on their website and social media accounts, and I gotta say it looks way too good to not go out of your way to try.

Apparently, reports are saying that the chain announced to open 200 restaurants over the next 3 years in all of the countries, according to The business is a new “fast-casual chicken concept” that will be popping up all over the country soon.

They have a lot of different chicken options on their menu and all of them not only look so good but are picture-worthy as well.

They sell menu items like a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, loaded fries with cheese and chicken, chicken and waffles, and even fried pickles.

On a lot of their menu items, they have a sauce that’s called “good sauce”. By the looks of it, it looks like a raising canes sauce, but I’m still dying to try it out for myself.

The first few locations are said to be opening in both New Jersey and Virginia, but no exact locations or dates have been announced as of now, but when the exact details come out I’ll be keeping myself up to date.

There is one location as of now but the rest are scheduled to be in the works soon.

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