It’s time to round up all of the biggest Harry Potter fans in your life and bring them to Philadelphia, PA!

The Harry Potter Party Philadelphia is getting ready to start next month and they’re calling all wizards and muggles to come out and get in on the action. On Saturday, June, 11 from 7 pm - 11:30 pm you can make your way into the city to experience a once-in-a-lifetime Harry Potter fan’s dream event!

There are so many things going on during this event that it seems like it’d be impossible to run out of things to do during the 4 and a half hour event.

It really seems like this event is covering all of the bases for the fans and if you’re a super fan, you won’t want to miss out.

Harry Potter fans are some of the most hardcore that there is, so I’m hoping this event is historically accurate for their sake because I’m sure the super fans that are planning on going will be able to call out every error if there’s any made!

This event seems really legit though and according to the Facebook event page that was made by Wizard Fest, there’s Harry Potter trivia, a Triwizard competition, themed drinks, a DJ, and Quidditch games that will all be happening.

The Triwizard competition is a mix of a trivia challenge on the books and movies, a quidditch tournament, and a scavenger hunt!

They also will be hosting a costume contest with cash prizes included to the winners with the most impressive outfits.

And yes, there will obviously be butterbeer available at the event.

The event is said to be taking place in downtown Philadelphia, but a specific venue hasn’t been released yet the link to purchase tickets and receive more info can be found right here! 

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