Ugh! The National Weather Service says that a Nor'easter could be coming our way this weekend.

Come on, Mother Nature. It's Halloween weekend. That means everyone that's wearing a cute Halloween costume will most likely get soaked. Boo!

As of right now, rain is predicted starting Saturday and will continue through Monday. Of course, that can change as it gets closer.

The cause? A coastal low-pressure system as well as Hurricane Willa. Hurricane Willa should be moving across Mexico tomorrow. Then the remnants will push east towards our area.

As usual, the shore towns may see some flooding, but all of New Jersey could experience heavy rain and strong wind. 

I remember this happening a few years ago on Halloween. In fact, I was wearing high heels that year because I went to a friend's party dressed as Katy Perry. My entire foot got wet when I got out of the car because I stepped in a puddle.

Nothing puts a damper on Halloween like rain! So let's hope it stays away!

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