Rats can be quite common in the train stations, but how often does it cross your mind that one of those rats could board at any time. The thought of that is terrifying.

Unfortunately, the Market-Frankford line eastbound to Frankford Transportation Center experienced exactly that problem. As said on Phillyvoice.com, Alexa Gold posted a video of this exact incident that happened at the Tioga station in Harrowgate.

The rat was caught scurrying around the train car and the passengers were obviously not happy. Everyone on there was standing on their seats screaming. One passenger even tried to shoo the rat away.

Shortly after, the train operator announced that they needed to stop the train due to a rodent problem found in the first car. Now, this isn't the first time the Market Frankford Line has developed a rodent running acorss the car. There was a very happy rat found eating two pretzels back in January.

SEPTA wants everyone to know that an accident like this is not a common one. If and when it does happen, the infested vehicle is taken out of service and treated appropriately.

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