Kellogg’s NYC Cafe in Manhattan usually specializes in breakfast cereal. I know what you're thinking, "I can get cereal at any grocery store," but NO! This place is special! Yes, they serve tons of different kinds of cereals, but they also serve cereal with all kinds of twists! Everything I've seen on their website looks yummy! Juts check out their Instagram! 

From October 24th- 27th, they will be adding Halloween-themed desserts. They're calling it their Trick or Treat Cafe! 

Looks like they'll be serving up some spooky desserts! There are called Fang Sandwiches. They are frosted blueberry Pop-Tarts, and the teeth are marshmallows. There is also some blue syrup and cherry pop-tarts. How cute!

Credit: Poptarts
Credit: Poptarts

So if you're really into cereal and looking for something to do in New York City, this looks so fun! I'm sure your tummy will thank you too!

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