If you’re looking to get creative with Pop Tarts this holiday season, you could win some serious cash. Of course, we all LOVE to eat pop tarts, but if you can create a holiday masterpiece with them, you could win about $15,000.

This is open to just about anyone and I think that the winner has to come from NJ! We all need to step up our gingerbread house-making this year and get in on this contest.

Kellogg’s posted a fake Zillow ad of a house made of Pop-Tarts to get people’s attention and it worked! All you have to do to enter is get a bunch of Pop-Tarts and make an insane-looking gingerbread house out of them!

I know it sounds like a lot of effort and work, but if you have the chance to win $15,000, why would you not try for it? Also, there are plenty of different angles you could go with this contest.


There are so many flavors, you can get different color schemes going and you can decorate it with any candy, icing or other sweets that you want. When your Pop-Tart masterpiece is finally finished and you’re ready to show it off to the world, all you have to do is snap a few pictures of it and post it to your socials.

After posting it to either Twitter or Instagram, you have to tag Pop-Tarts and also include the #GingerbreadPopTaerEntry. Also, if assembling gingerbread houses just isn’t your thing, you can draw your design and submit pictures of them also!

The cutoff is December 16th, so get brainstorming now! More details can be found on Pop-Tarts’ website. 

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