I really want to help Marian or Jack find their wedding ring, so please help me by spreading the word. Have no idea what I'm talking about?  Let me start from the beginning.

I saw on NBC 10 Philadelphia that a guy named Mike Delaney found a silver wedding band in Stone Harbor, NJ, a few months ago, on 96th Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave. I've been to Stone Harbor before, because we used to vacation in neighboring, Avalon, and I know 96th street is the main street for shopping, restaurants, etc. So, someone vacationing in the area may have lost it, or maybe a local. Here's the thing, back when Mike found it, he didn't think much of it, but, when he recently cleaned out his jeep he realized it was a wedding band because of it's inscription, "Marian and Jack, 12-19-53." Awwww...they got married on my birthday (I wasn't born in '53, but, on 12/19...lol), and they've been married for 66 years, if both are still alive. I want to find these people. I wonder if they have a sweet love story? If one of them has passed on, I'm sure the other would love to have this ring back.  So, Mike tweeted a picture of it, in hopes of it going viral, so Marian or Jack, or any of their relatives can claim it, and hopefully, get it back to them.

If you know who the ring belongs to, reach out to Mike on Twitter.

I would really love to hear the story behind this, and a happy ending.

Update - As of yesterday, they may have found a match, but, not sure. Mike's twitter says, "We may have a match. The far reaching power of social media / press. From Stone Harbor to grandson in California and back to son who's parents had summer home in Stone Harbor. Will update after they see the ring."  I can't wait to hear.

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