This is an absolutely heart-wrenching story, but it doesn't have to end in tragedy with your help!

On Tuesday, a black pit mix now named Lucky was found abandoned on train tracks in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He was completely unable to move his hind legs due to a severe broken back injury. It's believed that he may have been left there by abusers who might have been trying to cover the fact that they did this to him, according to NBC Philadelphia. 

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Animal rescuers have since taken him in and are doing their utmost best to save his life. If he survives, he'll most likely have to use a doggy wheelchair for the rest of his life.

As of today (Thursday Dec 1), Lucky is fighting for his life, and he'll be fighting even harder when he goes into his scheduled surgery on Friday Dec 2. The cost for his surgery and recovery will cost anywhere between $15,000 - $35,000, so any and all donations before and after surgery will help!

Philly Rescue Angels is spreading the word on how you can donate toward Lucky's surgical needs and his aftercare. I just had to reach out to them on Facebook to ask them how to donate directly to Lucky.


*Venmo is @phillyrescueangels*

Be sure to visit the Philly Rescue Angels website so you can donate towards pet care for all of their other animals too.

As for the person or people responsible for this horrific cruelty, let's hope justice finds them swiftly.


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