WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

The video you're about to watch is fascinating and creepy all at the same time.

New Jersey is the diner capital of the world, and we're home to some pretty amazing ones.  I've been to other states, and the diners just don't compare.  Plus, most of them close early.

Sadly, not all diners that open here last forever.  But even though the diner in this video from Abanbdoned Central on YouTube hasn't been in service for some time, it still looks like it's open (just with a bunch of added dirt and dust.)

It's unclear where this abandoned diner is located, but some YouTube commenters suspect it's in New Egypt, and the summary said it was open for 40 years.

We also can't tell how this diner met an untimely end by watching the video.  The tables are covered in plates, coffee cups, and menus!  It seems like something could have happened during the middle of the workday, while customers were eating.

I don't think a fire could have hit (or a major fire at least) since most of the diner is still intact.  The YouTube video summary guesses that whoever was working that day just left everything as is before they closed.  Why clean up when you know you're not opening, I guess!

Take a look at the creepy video below.  Does it bring up any memories for you?  Have you ever been to this diner or one like it before?

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