Sometimes the criminal gets it wrong.

We keep hearing about the increase in car thefts in New Jersey - and, Wednesday there was almost another one.

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Police in Toms River say a suspect attempted to steal a car on Todd Road, but he was thwarted when he discovered a person sitting in the car!

Police say the suspect got out of a silver car they believe had been stolen earlier in Clifton.

Once the suspect saw the person in the car, he ran away and jumped back into the silver car. Police say soon after, the suspects made similar theft attempts in Wall Township.

Here's more of what Toms River Police had to say about the incident:

"The vehicle was most likely targeted due to the position of the mirrors, indicating it was unlocked. Please remember to lock your doors 24 hours of the day as New Jersey is experiencing a surge in auto thefts. There have been over 700 reported vehicle thefts in NJ in 2022."

SOURCE: Toms River Police Department.

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