If you have any room in your home and heart for a dog , this is your sign to act!

ACCT Philly, the region’s largest animal care and control service provider, is in the midst of a major crisis, and is asking for the public's help to save the lives of their animals.

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The shelter is running out of space, and ultimately, they're coming to the heart-breaking decision of having to euthanize perfectly adoptable dogs - simply because there isn't enough room.

Just within the first week of the New Year, they've had over 60 dogs brought into the shelter, and now they are "beyond full on large dogs."

This is a trend that's been happening for a while, according to ACCT's director. Backyard breeders have been trying to sell puppies, but are unable to get buyers or adopters, so the pressure falls on the shelters when those dogs are dumped on them.

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Inflation is another factor, according to ACCT Philly. With financial struggles still on the rise, many families are unable to feed their pets with rising prices. The shelter has frequented several evictions where the pets have been left behind. It's completely heartbreaking.

How can I help?

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Think you can help these life-deserving animals by adopting or fostering? Send an application in! Or of those aren't an option and you have some time on your hands, you can also volunteer at the shelter or donate.

Take a look at their dogs and fill out an application HERE.

ACCT Philly is Located at 111 W. Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia PA. No appointments needed.

I adopted a cat from ACCT Philly last year and it was one of the best decisions of my life! Hopefully every single animal will be saved!

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