According to, a dog from Little Egg Harbor, NJ, that had been lost for 2 weeks was reunited with his owners on Monday.

On June 24, a rottweiler-boxer mix named Jax was in the car when one of his owners, Gabrielle McMillan, crashed into a utility pole.  Fortunately, neither McMillan or Jax suffered serious injuries in the crash, but in all of the commotion, Jax escaped from the vehicle and had been missing since then.

Jax after his return for a Stafford marsh
Jax after his return for a Stafford marsh (Steve Sheldon)

McMillan and her boyfriend, Steve Sheldon, received lots of help and support from local police and animal shelter employees, as well as Facebook users that followed the search for Jax on the Stafford Police Department's social media site, as well as McMillan's personal Facebook page.

Once Jax was safe and back home, McMillian told that the dog "is my absolute best friend and this whole ordeal was devastating. I’m just glad it had a happy ending.”


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