I hate feeling unsafe, whether it's when I'm out with friends or when I'm driving from one job to the next. Some people drive like they're racing on a Nascar track and my thinking is to always stay away. I always think to myself, "I hope a cop sees that car driving like that and that driver gets ticketed." But, we don't live in a perfect world and police officers aren't always able to see aggressive drivers and unfortunately, sometimes they cause accidents.

According to The Patch, starting today, Newtown Police Department will be on the lookout for aggressive drivers and if they are pulled over, they will be ticketed. Police will be looking out for speeders, drivers who run red lights, and those not abiding by the Move Over Law, among many other things. This isn't just happening in Newtown, there are over 200 police departments in Pennsylvania participating in this campaign.

This aggressive driver campaign will continue until August 25th so aggressive drivers BEWARE!

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