"Alien: The Play" will get an encore performance at the New Jersey high school that adapted the hit sci-fi horror classic for the live stage. The news was announced by the "Alien" movie franchise itself and also shared by the leaders of the North Bergen High School drama club.

The creative team behind "Alien: The Play," director Perfecto Cuervo and art director Steven Defendini, also have formed The North Bergen Theater and Arts Foundation. The foundation will help fund future plays and art projects in town while also helping students in the arts by providing scholarships and grants.

Cuervo and Defendini shared the news in a Youtube video, which included footage from one of the two original performances of the play that went viral on social media.

Defendini said on Twitter, "We are so humbled by everyone asking about donations. It took a little bit of time and work, but we set up a foundation in the event anyone is looking to donate. We want to help our students as much as we can so we thank you for anything you do, even if it’s just a smile."

Last month, the limited run of the adapted story, as told with a set and costumes that were largely recycled materials, created a buzz on social media and even captured the praise of the original movie's superstar and director, Sigourney Weaver and Ridley Scott, respectively.

The encore performance was set to tie into the franchise's "Alien Day." The date is a reference to the fictional moon on which "Aliens" is set, LV-426, which can be read as 4/26, or April 26, according to a fan website.

The first "Alien Day" was marked by 20th Century Fox in 2016.

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