Just when you think a local Christmas tree farm had been scouted for next year's White House Christmas tree, it turns out to be a joke.

Over the weekend, a small white tag was spotted on a big, beautiful Christmas tree at Keris Tree Farm and Christmas Shop, in Allentown, NJ. The tag read, "Sold. White House 2020." What?? I got so excited....a local tree was going to be famous again. That hasn't happened in years...2008 to be exact, when a tree from the Tree King grounds in Hamilton was picked to be the Rockefeller Center Tree. It may sound weird to you, but, I felt a certain pride when the tree was from our area. Lol.


The little tag had to mean it's already been picked to head to Washington DC next year, right? Wrong. I started thinking about how odd it was for the tree to be picked so far ahead of time, so I called Keris Tree Farm. When I asked about the "sold" tag on the tree, the owner, Maggie, started to laugh, and said, "Oh no, that was just a joke by one of our workers." Oh no, I felt dejected. Lol. I was so excited for the tree from little Allentown, NJ to be famous. I don't remember exactly what she said next, but, something about a house on a nearby street that was the color white. Lol. She also said, who knows, one day maybe they'll come to check out their farm for one of the President's trees.

Darn. Maybe someday.

Keris Christmas Tree Farm and Christmas Shop is located at 848 Route 524 in Allentown, NJ.


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