Amazon Prime Day(s) is one of, if not the most anticipated day of the entire year. I actually think people look forward to this more than they do Black Friday or even Cyber Monday! Amazon has decided they wanted to give us a little perk for shopping with them. According to cnn, Amazon will give you $10 if you spend $10 on a small business owner's shop. That $10 dollars is valid to use for Prime Day(s) only. 

One question many people might have is “Where do I find small business owners?" Amazon actually has this organized for you so that you aren’t going crazy looking for them. On their website you will see many small businesses sorted out by region, type of business owner, and category of product. I personally always shop by category of product. This way, I have a variety of owners and similar products to choose from. I think this is a fantastic idea. Amazon does not really have a regular rewards system like many other retailers, so this might be a great start to that. 

Amazon also does not have a stable rewards program that is free like many other retailers. They do, however, offer an Amazon credit card, which can be dangerous if you know what I mean. There is no way I would be able to open one because I would be in debt forever. They offer a regular Rewards Visa Card and a Prime Rewards Visa Card. The Prime Card has the better perks, such as 5% cash back when you shop at Amazon or Whole Foods, $100 Amazon gift card upon  approval, and up to 20% cash back on rotating Amazon categories. 

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