The coronavirus pandemic has caused shut downs of pretty much everything you could think of. Restaurants, bars, clubs, movie theaters, anywhere that there was no way to control social distancing and prevent people from catching the virus. It was a crazy apocalyptic time for a while when I would drive home from work and not see cars parked outside of businesses where cars are usually parked and places are packed. Now a lot more things are open because of the decline in COVID-19 cases as well as measures that businesses have taken to ensure their customers are safe. Move theaters still have  not yet opened, some people used to think that they were gross even before the pandemic, but AMC says, they are making their theaters safe and clean for all to return to the movies. Some AMC theaters will be opening August 20th and they're going to be offering a sweet deal on tickets.

News 12 New Jersey reports AMC Theaters are going to be reopening with a bang! You can see any movie on Thursday August 20th for just 15 cents. You have to buy your tickets online and I expect they will go fast. Not all AMC theaters are opening on August 20th, so check your local AMC before rushing over there. Each state's Governor's get to say whether the theaters can open now or not. Hopefully ours does soon. Now, I am wondering, can I just spend the entire day at the movie theater? Or will they tell me I can only see one movie? I think I would put on a disguise and see all the movies I want if that's the case, because that is a sweet deal.

For more info visit this article from News 12 New Jersey or AMC Theaters' website.

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