This labor day weekend will be a time to enjoy an extra day off, which a lot of people are saying they really deserve because life has been a little interesting lately. We have a question for you. Are you nervous to go back to work after the Labor Day weekend? If you think about it, you don't know who your coworkers are going to be around. If it’s a lot of people they will have a higher chance of being exposed to the coronavirus. recently reported that a lot of Americans are a little afraid of going back to work after Labor Day weekend. We learned that 77% of Americans have zero trust in other coworkers and believe their coworkers will not practice social distancing over the holiday weekend. That is a very big percentage. Let’s all be real, during the long weekend people will head down the shore and perhaps have a few drinks. Then they will feel like a superhero and walk the boardwalk without a mask and that is not good at all.

The good thing is that there is a positive side to this. According to, 75% of Americans are not planning to travel during the Labor Day weekend. That is definitely a safer option for many, especially if they have family members at home that are at higher risk of catching the coronavirus.

Some Americans will probably play it safe and stay in town but according to, 40% are saying that they will be doing some shopping this Labor Day weekend. Whatever it is that you are doing this weekend just make good judgment and make sure you wear that mask.

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