Luigi's Ice Cream just took things to a whole new level ... giving us one of the perfect combinations that we didn't even know we needed.

Liquor and Ice Cream 

Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait.

Luigi's offers ice cream that is infused with different liquor brands like Bacardi, Patron, and Belvedere.

Luigi Beltran is the owner of the ice cream joint.. which is tucked behind the back of Ani Ramen on Newark Avenue in Jersey City

You'll walk through Ani Ramen to find the "boozy" ice cream bar tucked behind unmarked glass doors.

Beltran tells that his "boozy" ice cream is unique to any other alcohol infused ice cream, "What makes us different is that you will actually get alcohol in the ice cream. It's stronger but no one's going to get buzzed off this."

Some signature ice cream recipes include:

|Strawberry Tequila Rose Ice Cream| 

vanilla cream, tequila rose, nilla wafers, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream  

|Frangelico Hazelnut Rocher|   

Frangelico, chocolate cream, Ferreo Rocher Candy 

|Horchata Ice cream | 

with Rumchata liqueur, cinnamon toast crunch, cinnamon sugar, vanilla cream. 

Check out the speakeasy which is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.


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