A sports announcer was caught live on TV swearing during the latest Philadelphia Eagles game.

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles played the Miami Dolphins and unfortunately lost during the final quarter of the game in the sunshine state.

However, the Eagles losing wasn't the only thing alarming that happened during that game ... it's gets crazier.

Patch.com reported that,"Fox Sports announcer and former NFL star Ronde Barber was discussing Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick's strength in animated fashion when he let loose a slip of the tongue."

Yup, he dropped the F bomb.

He didn't say it aggressively or anything, so no wonder why most viewers didn't really pick up on it.

It was so casual I honestly wonder if the former NFL star even noticed that he said it.

It was literally just dropped in conversation, however Barber quickly tried to retract the curse word immediately during the live sports broadcast.

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